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Find below the answers to some common questions including costs and other important details. We're happy to get on a call with you to answer all your questions so you can know a 7 Day Aframes Home is the perfect solution for you. Please see our Contact Us page and feel free to get in touch... We're excited to hear about your plans! 

Where can I see more photos and videos of 7 Day Aframes homes and the building process?
We've captured the build process step-by-step so you can see how it's done in real life. You can view more pics & videos here.

Also, when you get your 7 Day Aframes Kit you will have a complete video reference library available to you which captures in detail each and every step of the assembly process where we explain those steps and show real life how it is done. These videos are in conjunction with your Assembly Plan Set which is a step-by-step blueprint you will use when assembling your 7 Day Aframes (made specifically for anyone with minimal building experience). With these 2 resources AND our ON CALL live help via Phone, Zoom, Facetime or Google Meets, we make sure getting your 7 Day Aframes built quickly & perfectly is a huge success!
How do I know what the total costs will be for my 7 Day Aframes kit?
The great news is we only have one price:  The Vista 1 is $79,900.  This Vista 2 is $104,900.  The Vista 2 PLUS is $119,000.   That price includes the whole kit!  We don't sell or have any "Add ons".  We give you the most complete kit on the market...   You can VIEW THE FLOORPLANS here.

It's one of the many huge benefits you enjoy with your 7 Day Aframes:  You get prefinished beams, walls/ceilings, R40+ insulation fully pre-installed, energy efficient doors & windows, roofing, kitchen cabinets, bath vanity, custom storage built-ins +plus so much more.  Once your 7 Day Aframes Kit is assembled  on your foundation, you're completely dried in and ready for the finish out.  Not included in the kit are things like foundation, electrical and plumbing,  HVAC, appliances, flooring, front and rear steps/landings/decks, sheetrock, counter tops.  

We can give you a breakdown of the items/trades you'll need to source so you can know your total budget.  Feel free to get in touch with us at any time to answer these questions and any other questions you may have.  Go here > HOW TO START
How long does it take to get my 7 Day Aframes Home kit?
We keep it simple for you!  The short answer is 8 - 10 weeks, but let's look at the variables that are involved.  First, you'll want to have your building permit issued so that when your 7 Day Aframes arrives, you are ready to go.  Permitting time varies widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  We can have your complete Permit Plans Package ready for you to submit with your permit application within about 2 weeks in most cases.  Your permitting office should be able to give you a reasonable estimate of their turn-around time.   If you're building in an area that does not require permitting, that can certainly speed things up.

Plan ahead:  With that timeline in hand, the first step is locking down a date on our Production Schedule without delay (you can move the date as needed to insure the best timing for you).  The key is getting on the Production Schedule. Go Here Lock Down A Date On Our Production Schedule.  Then, within 6+- weeks from your Start Production Date, your 7 Day Aframes kit will be complete and ready for delivery to you.  

For best timing, you'll want to have your building permit in hand well enough in advance of delivery to get your foundation in place.  Our experience has been to allow about 3 weeks to get your foundation in place if you are using a subcontractor.  Or, if you are doing it yourself, allow for about 1 week.  The last foundation we did for ourselves was 100% complete 2 days after our permit was issued.  So, it can be done quickly. 
Can my 7 Day Aframes Kit really be assembled in 7 days?
Yes!  Your kit can be assembled in 7 days with no heavy equipment!  The frame trusses, roof/inside ceiling panels, front and real walls, doors, windows, interior walls, loft, and roof sheathing and metal can all be completed in 7 days with 4 people working. This gets your home completely dried in and weather tight. We've actually completed this process in 4 days, but we do have some practice!  The remaining 10% of your kit, which includes your custom built-in storage cabinetry, loft closet, staircase and handrails, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, and truss beam trim will all be done in the last steps of the process once electrical & plumbing are roughed in, sheetrock is hung, and flooring is down. Your subcontractor work, which may include sheetrock, plumbing and electrical will also increase the total start to finish time line depending on your subcontractors schedule and timing. Most of our customers complete their total build in 60-90 days depending on work done by third parties and how much work they are doing themselves.  Your 7 Day Aframes Kit mounts on top of your foundation/subfloor.  Foundation design and engineering in your Permit Plans Package is included in the purchase price.  As the foundation/subfloor must be built on-ste, of course this is not included in the kit.  Our kit is one of the most complete, lowest cost, and fastest builds on the market!  You can view a sample Build Out Schedule & Timeline Here
Are there any discount opportunities?
We work with many short term rental & long term rental investors who purchase multiple units at a time.  When purchasing 2 or more units at one time we certainly have special discount packages available for you.  The amount of the discount can vary based on the time of year and delivery location.  So, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the details of your specific project(s) and the opportunities we're happy offer.  Go to our contact page here > CONTACT US
What is the payment schedule?
There are 3 payment points:  1)  $3500 ($4900 for Basement foundations) payment to get your Permit Plans Package engineering underway and lock down your date on the Production Schedule.  100% of this $3500 payment is applied to the purchase price and deducted from your Post Production Payment.  *This should be done as soon as possible if timing is important to you.  2)  Pre-production Start Payment of $39000 (VISTA 1), $52,000 (VISTA 2), $59,000 (VISTA 2 Plus) is due 6 weeks before your Scheduled Production Start Date.  3)  Post Production Payment of $37,400 ($40,900 minus $3500/$4900 Permit Package/Production Schedule fee for VISTA 1) $49,400 ($52,000 minus $3500/$4900 Permit Package/Production Schedule fee for VISTA 2), $56,500 ($60,000 minus $3500/$4900 Permit Package/Production Schedule fee for VISTA 2 Plus) is due upon completion of production and prior to shipping.  We'll discuss these 3 payment stages with you in detail prior to your scheduling with us. 
Do you offer financing or can you point me in the right direction?
We don't offer financing "in house", but there are certainly financing options for you.  Most clients have found the shortest path is to simply talk with smaller local or regional banks, in the area you intend to build, about your plans.

*One important fact to know when talking with any lender is a 7 Day Aframes home is NOT a trailer (THOW) or RV.  Your 7 Day Aframes home is conventional construction built on a PERMANENT FOUNDATION on LAND - which lenders classify as "real property" (real estate loan).  This is totally, totally different from seeking financing for what is classified as "personal property" - which is what a "tiny house on wheels" is classified as, no matter which bank you ask (and much, much harder and more expensive financing to obtain - Also costlier and harder to insure).

Conventional financing for "real property" could open up many options for you including conventional home financing, FHA, VA, Rural Development loans, and more. You'll have lower rates and longer terms.

IF for whatever reason the conventional financing routes are not an option for you, there are companies that specialize in this type of lending and we recommend you look into these options on our Financing Information Page here > FINANCING IDEAS
Do I need to hire an architect and/or engineer for my project?
Our Permit Plans Package includes the foundation plan, details and building plans stamped by an engineer licensed in your state.   Your Permit Plans Package will include all building plan requirements for permitting in your jurisdiction.  So, you won't have to hire an outside architect or engineer.  It's all done for you.  However, every piece of land is different.  For example, if you are building on the side of a slope or mountain, then depending on the surface type you are putting your home on, in some cases there may be additional engineering costs.  We are happy to discuss the specifics of your land with you.  The Permit Plans Package including everything required for permitting in your jurisdiction is $3500 in all states except California, which is $5900.
Can I have exposed beams in my Aframe?
Yes, your 7 Day Aframes is architecturally designed with exposed beams and 20+ feet high hardwood cathedral ceilings for the ultimate in Aframe living. 

Combining the 20' high cathedral ceilings of Aframe architecture with exposed beams and an open floorplan with plenty of natural light creates an amazing home for you. It can be warm and cozy when you want it to be, and bright and airy whenever you're ready!
What kind of storage features are there in the floorplan?
Storage is important when downsizing and striving for a simpler life... But in most "tiny houses" storage gets complicated, not simpler.  That's NOT the case with your 7 Day Aframes home.   Storage features were an important part of the development process and we've integrated several nice, highly efficient storage features in every 7 Day Aframes home. 

No "RV kitchens" or "phone booth bathrooms" at 7 Day Aframes!  First, the floorplan features an open, full size kitchen with great cabinet space, counter space, pantry, full size stove, microwave and full size refrigerator.  Plus, you get a laundry closet which easily fits stack washer/dryer and laundry supplies + more.  

Moving on, you have a full size bathroom which includes a full vanity featuring cabinet space, drawers and counter space, as well as plenty of space for towel storage, etc. 

A very popular design feature in the large living room is the 12+ feet of built-in cabinets for great, convenient storage space that cannot be found in any other small house designs.  But, your storage space doesn't stop there.   In the Loft you have a large closet for hanging clothes with additional space for shoes, folded clothes, etc.  It's all there!

So now you know why 7 Day Aframes owners love their new homes and enjoy simpler living without compromise!
What kind of insulation will my 7 Day Aframes kit include?
Your 7 Day Aframes home is super energy efficient with R40+ high density foam insulation pre-installed for you + energy efficient windows and doors ALL included.  This creates an "envelope", which is considered to be the absolute best method for energy efficiency.   You enjoy 2 great benefits: 1) Lower heating and cooling costs, 2) The HVAC requirements are downsized due to the super high efficiency of the insulation envelope.  This saves you big on the size of HVAC equipment required (see below).   ***For Colorado where R49 is required, we can meet the IECC Total UA Compliance requirement and have Certification.  Please get in touch with us to discuss***.
What kind of heating and cooling does 7 Day Aframes recommend?
Given the highly energy efficient insulation envelope utilized in every 7 Day Aframes home, we recommend a Mini-split AC/Heat Pump system.  We like the MrCool and Pioneer brands and use 24000 BTU models made by these quality manufacturers.   Mini split systems are easy to install and work extremely well for us.  Please see our videos and pics so you can see the placement location of a Mini-split inside a completed 7 Day Aframes home.    
Can my 7 Day Aframes home be off grid?
For sure!  As noted above, 7 Day Aframes are super energy efficient which is certainly a consideration when going off grid.  Solar power and a wood burning stove (if needed) can give you an amazing, comfortable Off Grid home.  We can provide Solar Power load calculations and guidelines on how many solar panels, batteries, etc. that you'll find valuable.  We paid a solar expert to do these calculations and recommendations for us so that we can have the information you need if you choose this route.  We love the Off Grid Life!   BTW, we follow this guy on YouTube for invaluable solar tips and resources > DIY Solar With Will Prowse  He covers really good stuff.
Can you do customizations of my 7 Day Aframes?
There are options for you on things such as cabinet colors. We have popular 5 cabinet colors you can choose from.  Also, we have 10 different roof metal colors you can choose from.

That aside, we can give you the absolute best product at the absolute best price in the industry by having a streamlined production process that insures consistency and efficiency.  This is hard to do if every house we fabricate is different.

That's why we spent 2 years in the design and engineering phase of development for the 7 Day Aframes kit to insure the final product would be of the highest quality and precisely engineered.  We built multiple full scale prototype versions in our warehouse to achieve the result we were striving for.  Further, we've continuously refined the system so that assembling the kit on your site can be done quickly and without any heavy equipment or extensive construction experience.  

7 Day Aframes are not just a pretty drawing, but rather a high quality home with many unique and proprietary elements in design.   For these reasons, we do not offer modifications or customizations to our proven design.  It works very well.
What if I need to get prior approval from my HOA before I'll know if a 7 Day Aframes kit will work for my project?
We recommend you start with the basics, which could include confirming things like minimum square feet of living area required by the property restrictions.  Often when an HOA exists, there are also existing minimum requirements which your home design must meet.  (FYI, the square feet of living area in a 7 Day Aframes VISTA 1 is 730 square feet and VISTA 2 is 968 square feet.)  So, check that first along with the other minimum requirement imposed by the HOA.  If you are required to submit to the HOA more detailed drawings and elevations,  we can provide you everything you need to submit for an HOA review.
Do I need construction site storage for my kit?
You'll certainly want to keep all components we ship you dry and out of the weather at all times.  As with any construction materials, getting wet can damage materials as well as make it warp and lose its optimal shape.  So, schedule your delivery date to be as close to the time you will be ready to build.  Given that it only takes just a few days to get the whole house "dried in", you don't need the weather to cooperate too long.  But, while stored on site it is important to keep the products covered with a quality tarp and weather tight from top to bottom at all times.  Most of what is contained in your 7 Day Aframes Kit are not the kind of materials you can just run down to Home Depot or the lumber yard and replace.  Keeping the product dry at all times is important.
Can I purchase plans only?
No, we do not sell plans.  The reality is "plans" would not do you much good as most of the components in a 7 Days Aframes home are custom fabricated with special equipment and processes that one would not be able to easily duplicate.  The primary components are not the kind of materials you can just run down to Home Depot or the lumber yard and get.  It took us 2 years to develop these components.
How does a 7 Day Aframes home compare to a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW)?
First, as noted in the answer to the question above about Financing, a THOW is classified as "personal property".   Without exception, this means financing is more difficult, loan terms are much shorter and interest rates are higher.  

But it's even more important to consider these other factors as well:

◾  A THOW is a trailer, no matter what kind of fancy name it's given.  This makes finding a place to park a trailer difficult.  Most subdivisions and municipalities have strict rules regarding this.  Even if a suitable spot were located for parking the trailer, it can be uncertain as to how long that spot will be available or approved.  Always worrying about where you are going to park your trailer is not most people's idea of living a simpler and easier life.
◾  Sure, there are more and more THOW parks popping up which provide a good spot to park a trailer.  However, the monthly rent in these parks can range from a low of around $450 to a more typical monthly price of $650, or more.  That's a huge monthly expense for a 25' wide parking spot. 
◾  Who wants to have to register their house at the DMV?  A THOW is taxed as a travel trailer and in most every state will require title, road registration, and state inspections.  
◾  A THOW depreciates in value and its parts and components deteriorate.  Just like a new car, the minute your THOW rolls off the lot it is instantly worth LESS than you paid for it.  So, if down the road you decide you want to sell it, you can be 100% certain you will be selling it for much less than you paid for it.

Compare those considerations to the benefits of an Aframes home:

◾ A 7 Day Aframes home is conventional construction built on a PERMANENT FOUNDATION on LAND (Real estate).  Financing for real estate opens up many options for you including conventional home financing, FHA, VA, Rural Development loans, and more.  You'll have lower rates and longer terms.
◾ Finding the perfect piece of land to put your new Aframes home on gives you stability, peace of mind and puts you in control of your life, not some trailer park.  Another thing some do is find a big enough piece of land to put multiple Aframes on.  Live in one, rent the other(s) out as short term or long term rentals.  It's a popular approach.  Gardening, full on homesteading, chickens, the options are all yours when you find the piece of land that matches your interests. 
◾ A home is taxed as real estate, which is tax deductable and may include Homestead Exemptions available in many states.
◾ Real estate historically appreciates in value.  So, if down the road you decide you want to sell, you'll likely be in a position to make a nice profit.  AND, as your primary residence, when you sell it the profits can be 100% tax free.

So, there really is no comparison.   The conclusion is simple and straight forward.  

  How do I get started? Click Here To Schedule A Call With Us Today! 

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